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  • I liked the idea of this product, and couldn't resist it for the amazing low price. Unfortunately it wasn't no use to me initially but thanks with the support provided i got it up and going with my console. Thanks for your patience and help in setup, it was much appreciated

    Alice B
  • As always with this site everything went extremely smoothly and the order arrived promptly. These are great accessories for the DS and competitively priced. Will use again for the 5th time :)

    Owen B
  • Does exactly as it should straight out of the box. Little issue that was corrected by support staff within a hour. Great service and quick delivery, will recommend. Thanks

    Dave Lambert
  • i have bought a lot of r4 cards from this company and they have super fast delivery, 5 star after sales help if you need it the best company I have dealt with in all the years I have been buying r4 cards keep up the good work :)

  • great price, great product that works a treat with 1.43 and great support when needed. Forgot to mention quick delivery!

    Linzi B
  • was unsure about ordering from the website as i had never herd of them before, but was very pleased i did, i ordered Thursday morning and it arrived Saturday and works brilliantly

  • First card was faulty but a replacement was sent free of charge and works perfectly.

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R4 Cards for 2DS

R4 Cards for 3DS or 3DS XL

R4 Cards for DSi or DSi XL

R4 Cards for DS or DS Lite

Everything you need to know about R4 Cards

R4 cards are known be a variety of ways such as ds cards, r4 revolution, ds card, R4 Adaptors or simply just R4. The newest R4 Card addition is known as the R4 3DS card. The r4 card is a device that works in conjunction with either a DS lite, a DS, DSi cor a 3DS console. The main attribute that makes the r4i card (or even the r4 3DS card otherwise known as N3DS in some cases) as essential addition for the Nintendo DS console user is that the r4 cards allows the memory capacity of the console to be increased many times bigger than the standard console permits. Thus, this allows the console to be capable of storing mp3’s, videos and videos on it via the revolutionary r4 adaptor / r4 card. This makes the r4 card device a multimedia consoles rather than just a device for gaming allowing a greater array of potential uses for many people who may not want to use their console solely for games.

Depending on what type of r4 card you have, you are sometimes limited to how much media you are able to store on your device. There are many different variety of r4 cards on the market such as R4 Advance, R4DS U-II, R4 Ultra, R4 SDHC, R4 Pro, R4 Deluxe, New R4, R4 Gold and R4DSII but they all function alike but vary greatly in reliability. With the craze of the r4 cards being so big worldwide, there is an array of manufacturers bringing out their own unique named r4 card devices but the main factor to consider is their reliability. R4i-SDHC.com are the best and most reliable manufacturers of r4 cards and have been since the evolution of the device.

What are R4 DS Cards?

All ds cards are slot DS slot 1 devices flash cards which means they just slide into the your ds console as a standard games cartridge would do so, regardless of which r4 card you have and whichever DS console you have.  The attribute that sometimes distinguishes one r4 card being better than the other is the fact that depending on your console and you’re your ds card that you have purchased, the capacity that the r4 card can hold a memory card of varying capacity size. To clarify, micro sd memory cards come in a range of sizes (not physical size as they are all the same dimensions), but storage capacity. The non SDHC variety of r4 card such as the R4 DS card (suitable for the r4 Nintendo DS consoles) only allows a maximum of 2GB to be used with it. This compared to both the R4 SDHC and the R4i SDHC cards allow up to a 32GB card to be used with them. Keeping yourself or the kids amused means providing enough on the console to keep them content. This would be difficult when using a 2GB unless you keep changing the content via your computer.

To put into context, the more memory you have available to store your media, the less you have to keep changing the contents of your r4 card. So the bigger micro SD card you use, the better is it for your r4 card. For the ultimate gamer, the 32GB card would be essential and a 2GB would not hold many media files that vary according to what you’re trying to use the r4 card and the console for. For example watching video, a ds card used with a 2 GB memory card could be utilized quite easily if the movie was big leaving little or no room for any other media.

Types of R4 Cards Available

There are three types of r4 card available on the market today that we sell. The first is a version two card made by the manufacturer r4ds.com and this card was the first card virtually released on the market years ago. It was made for the use as an r4 ds card and only works with Nintendo DS lite and Nintendo DS consoles. The other type of card available is the R4 SDHC card that like its peer works for the r4 ds. This r4 card is made by a different manufacturer but again is very reliable and these ds cards have great reliability compared to all other r4 cards on the market. The r4 card required for use with the Nintendo DSI and the DSI XL console is known as the r4i card. This card again is manufactured by the same company as the R4 SDHC cards and they again have an excellent record for reliability and easy setup. All three of the r4 cards specified above are cheap and therefore to buy r4 card is worthwhile for any user regardless of their use. The media station that the console becomes will allows you to unleash the power of your console to the maximum.

If you have not familiar with the r4 card or the r4i card, you must understand one vital point, that these cards alone with not function by themselves as they have no memory capacity at all. I here you ask, so what then? Well the R4 card itself needs to be coupled together with a suitable Micro SD memory card or otherwise commonly known as a TF memory card. This in simplistic terms is a tiny memory card that is half the size of a conventional mobile phone sim card. This device is inserted into the r4 card itself and gives the ds card adaptor the capacity to hold data whether it be any that the user wishes to use. The micro sd card has to be first loaded with the correct r4 software for the device (r4 card) to function.  Due to the fact that there are a variety of r4 cards on the market, possibly 20 or so, it is advised to locate the manufacturer of the r4 card to find the correct software you require for your r4 card whether it be the r4 DS or the r4 SDHC or the R4i card (as known as the R4i SDHC). The front label of the r4 card itself usually gives the URL of the manufacturer of the device where you can seek the correct r4 software.  With all r4 cards, you will need a USB memory card reader that the memory card is inserted into to upload the necessary software to the memory card. If the memory card for r4 is not loaded with the correct r4 card software, then the r4 card itself will not work correctly. The basic working of the r4 card and its memory card, is that the r4 card connects the memory card to the console so they can communicate with each other. Therefore this is like and adaptor and therefore sometime the r4 card is known as an r4 adaptor or an r4 adapter. When used with a R4 DSi or DSi XL console they are commonly also known as R4 DSI adaptor or a DSI XL Adaptor.

What R4 cards do we sell?

We sell three different types of r4 card as these are the three cards that are the most reliable and robust. They have a proven track record and nearly never malfunction. There are countless other ones, but through our experience these are the best and most value for money.

R4 V2( R4 DS)

The R4 DS was one of the earliest r4 cards on the market made available many years ago. This r4 card is still one of the best sellers for customers who have a DS or DS Lite. They are very robust and inexpensive. There only downside is there inability to accommodate a memory card more than 2GB which means constant swapping of files if you have a very active user. 

R4 SDHC (Black Box):

The R4 SDHC(made by r4i-sdhc.com) is the next model up r4 card to the R4 V2 and takes all the characteristics of the original R4 DS and goes one further and addresses the limited capacity issue. The SDHC is actual reference to its High Capacity. This device boasts the industry standard now which the capacity to take a 32GB memory card giving ample storage capacity for the most serious user. Not many users could actually utilize 8GB of storage let alone 32GB. This card is intended for use with all consoles except the DSi and the DSi XL.

R4i (Red Box):

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R4i Card (Red Box)

This ultimately is the best r4 card available on the market with its top class reliability and its backward compatibility, as it works with all consoles. This card was designed for the R4 DSi and is backward compatible with all its predecessors. The manufacturers (r4i-sdhc.com) are known in their field as the best in terms of reliability and robustness and ease of use. They are far superior to cards such as the following which are various devices that are similar to the original R4 card itself: AceKards and TT cards. These other r4 card imitators also work with all kind of software and DS platforms including Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL.

A recommendation for any customer who is buying a R4 card is that its best to buy an r4i card rather than any other card as this card is backward compatible with all versions of the Nintendo DS regardless of type. Also added to the fact that the card could be used if you ever upgrade your console to a Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL, it’s a sure way to protect yourself having to buy a second card.

R4 cards for the Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL

If you are the owner of the Nintendo 3ds or the Nintendo 3DS XL console, we have a suitable r4 card for you. Our new R4 3DS cards allow you to use a r4 card with a 3DS or 3DS XL console. The R4i 3DS was specially designed for the intention of working with the latest consoles. It is backward compatible and is the leading r4 card manufactured by r4i-sdhc.com . We are now stocking R4 3DS RTS that enable real time saving of games, which is a industry first.

  • The customer service and care is second to none. The product is vastly improved by the ready loaded software so anyone can manage this process.Overall brilliant.

    Paul Byett
  • Easy to use and simple for anyone works perfectly software issue resolved great service would recommend to anyone and buy from again

  • The card work brilliant, just put in the media you want to play and away you go.The customer service I got was great, any issues I had was solved in quick time. FIVE STAR SERVICE.

  • Purchased one for myself after wanting one for a while. I wasn't sure about using a website I had never heard of before but gave it a go, amazing product and brilliant delivery ordered on the Thursday and arrived Saturday morning, would recommend to anyone.

  • Most recommended! Fast shipping and very easy to navigate the programme. Download the software drag and drop with my favorite homebrew games, movies and songs.

    Dean O
  • Ordered a card for my daughter, it arrived quickly and performs well. Would recommend r4cardr4i.com Thanks.

  • any one who wants to buy r4 card i would recommend this website as i have bought 3 cards from here and didnt have any problem,very quick delivery and very good service.